Scott (celebrith) wrote,

And... the Capricon begins

Got into the hotel last night, less late than we thought we would, having dropped W off at grandma's for the weekend (YAY!). Hotel looks spankin' - lots of renovations. His royal highness daddy_guido interceded with the hotel and we have a room with two double beds (so number one son has a place to sleep other than a couch and/or floor).

Took a run through the art show, and bid too much money on too many items, so here's hoping someone else likes some of them, or this is going to be a really expensive weekend! Bought a few more things from Peter Beagle (Last Unicorn, fully restored, on DVD - YAY!), and a few things from Glen Cook(It's about time for me to finally start the Black Company series)...

More in a minute - the really, really, REALLY bad movie (with Guido and Dawn commentating) is about to start!

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