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Mom's in the emergency room

[Edit - 10pm]
Apparently mom's stable, and the tests that they're running are coming back normal. I ended up not driving up since it was no longer an emergency and the weather is going to be very iffy tonight (it's just started sleeting/snowing here, and it's probably worse up there). So, I'm going to wait and see what the cardiologist has to say tomorrow. They're going to run some tests and see if they can figure out what in the heck happened, and what can they do to try to not have it happen again. May have been a potassium imbalance (too high/too low), although it's way to early to speculate yet.

I'm on my way to Aurora. Apparently Mom went into V-Fib earlier this afternoon, and they took her in the ambulance to the hospital. They're working on getting her heart rate down slowly, but it's apparently fairly dicey.

More as events warrant...

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