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MacHeist 3 Bundle - 12 apps ($850 value) for only $39

BoinxTV just got unlocked, so now the MacHeist bundle includes 12 applications for only $39.

If anyone is interested and hasn't bought the bundle yet, I'd really appreciate it if you buy it through my link here:
It's the same price for you either way, but if I can get two referrals I'll get an interesting tool.

iSale - eBay automation tool to make and manage nice looking eBay sales
Picturesque - Quick image touchup tool for nice edits / effects without loading a full-up photo editing tool
SousChef - Digital Cooking Assistant / Recipe Book
World of Goo - Innovative puzzle game for the Mac (it's quite fun)
PhoneView - Gives you complete synch ability for an iPhone or iPod Touch. Good companion to iTunes - you can get to pretty much all of your data with this
LittleSnapper - Screen Shot snap utility with extras (capture part of a web page, annotate, etc.)
Acorn - Photo Editor 'for the rest of us' - Looks to be somewhat between Picturesque (above) and a full-size editing tool
Kinemac - Intuitive 3D Animation. Easily make 3D animations on your Mac
WireTap Studio - Good quality recording utility for your Mac - Can record from any audio source that you can hear on the Mac, and gives editing capabilities
BoinxTV - Just got unlocked TV Studio on your Mac - lets you record podcasts, seminars and other events with a single tool - full video production capabilities
Cro-Mag Rally - Fun graphical racing game for the mac. Unlock courses as you improve :)
Times - I'm liking this one - it's a really cool RSS reader / aggregator for the Mac. It gives you a new UI - it presents all of your RSS feeds in a "newspaper" graphical format, and it really feels like an up-to-date, real newspaper.
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