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Yes, yes I did! I was #600 at my polling place.

As an added bonus, I found out what happens when you spoil a ballot and need a new one (my mind was moving faster than my hand when running through the judicial retention section).

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The city of Bloomington did well in the turnout category this year. My precinct ended up with 759 votes cast out of 964 registered voters, 78.73% turnout. The city (44 precincts) ended up with a 79.73% turnout, with the majority (26/44) of the precincts in the 80-90% category and one precinct had 90.26% of registered voters casting votes. I'm pretty sure this was one of the highest turnouts we've had on a percentage basis - 2004 was 76.35%, 2000 was 69.09%, 1996 was 65.96% (that's as far back as the on-line records go).

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