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New server

So, I waited and waited, and Dell finally put their entry-level servers back on sale for cheap ($199). I added a few options, since I'm going to run VMWare on it, but it was still cheaper than it would cost to put 4GB in my old (noisy, cranky) 600SC.

I'm thinking I'll put VMWare ESXi on it (it's free) and pull in my existing Windows server as a guest, and then set up a couple more linux guests so that I can start experimenting on migrating everything off of the Windows server.

Assuming things go as planned, it should get here around Halloween. Maybe I'll get it some orange accessories :)

The server is from the Small Business "10 days of deals" promotion, and is available for today and tomorrow if anyone is interested.

It's $199 after $399 off of the regular price, and you can put in a limited amount of upgrades (it takes a maximum of 4GB RAM, and it's a single-socket machine that takes a dual-core processor). It does have two 32-bit PCI slots and three PCI-e slots, though, so it should be more than sufficient for me.

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