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OK, I've finished the initial migration of my student website from the old ISU (Illinois State University) site to the new UIS (University of Illinois at Springfield) site. This was primarily occasioned by the fact that ISU has figured out that I'm not taking classes there anymore, so they removed my information. Of course, if they would bother to offer classes for people who actually have careers and who work 1st shift, then I'd probably still be attending - if only just to 'finish what I started'.
However, since their intention appears to become Illinois' primary teenage university (only catering to students that are fresh out of high school and will finish their degrees before getting a career), I had to look elsewhere.

So this fall I start at the University of Illinois at Springfield, and I'm looking forward to it. The degree is completely online, which will make it much easier for me to complete while continuing with my career (I don't have to try to work a funky schedule each semester trying to fit a class in during the middle of the day). I transferred in my AS degree from Heartland as well as all of my 20-ish years of varying undergraduate credit from ISU (I ended up with something like 140 hours on the transcripts when they evaluated it).

So, after about 25 years, I've finally achieved something I wanted - I'm a Senior at the University of Illinois. It's certainly not the way I envisioned it back in high school - it's been a long, strange road, but the end is finally in sight. I have to complete the core CSC requirements and the required liberal arts experiential courses, so I still have about 37 hours left ahead of me (luckily, they've accepted my transfer courses for the CSC and university electives).

The CSC courses run roughly 4 hours apiece rather than the 3 hours I'm used to, and they recommend two courses a semester (one in the summer). If I really bust it, I can conceivably be done in two years (8+8+4 = 20 * 2 = 40 with 37 hours needed). It's possible I may need another semester, but my overall goal of finishing college before my oldest son starts is STILL achievable.

Anyway, the new website is here: Scott's UIS Website. One of the reasons I ended up moving it sooner rather than later was that I found out that I have been cited as a reference in Wikipedia. My research project for the Physical Geography class in Spring of 2004 was a published web page on the Sequatchie Valley in Tennessee. I was doing a web search recently for something else (I think I was testing Cuil), and I found that someone (not me, strangely enough) had cited my paper as a reference in the Wikipedia article. After moving the website, I went ahead and finally created a Wikipedia login (I haven't really had much to contribute...) and corrected the citation to point to the new location rather than the old location.

So I guess that's probably my 15 seconds of internet fame, anyway ...
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