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BHS Team at the LPGA Pro-Am

Some excitement yesterday! Ryan has decided to go out for the golf team at Bloomington High School this fall, and one of the opportunities was to caddy at the LPGA Pro-Am at the State Farm Classic at Panther Creek golf course in Springfield, IL.  Basically, the team provides caddies for the amateurs, and we walk along with the pro and her caddy (18 holes on the hottest day of the year so far...).

We drove separately since I had to stop at UIS and pick up my student ID (with gas prices the way they are, you fit everything into one trip if you can).  When we got to the course we found out that a couple of the students weren't able to make it, so we ended up with three students to caddy.  Unfortunately, they needed four caddies for the group that was already on the 10th tee (we started on the back 9). 
So, I ended up getting to caddy for a Pro-Am rather than just walk along and observe.  This means that I didn't take near as many pictures as I'd planned, but I also had a good experience and was able to talk to the pro and her caddy, along with the amateurs (who were all better than I am, by the way...).

Our pro was Ai Miyazato from Japan, and she was very nice and extremely gracious.  Her caddy was Mick Seabourne from London, and he was also very nice and very good at his job (I learned quite a bit from watching him).  Our amateurs were businessmen from the Springfield area, and they were also very genial and welcoming.  All in all it was a very good experience.  All of the kids really enjoyed it, and they all received tips at the end of the round (my amateur tipped me, but I let him know that I was donating it to the golf team's operating fund rather than keeping it - I wasn't there to earn money, but was just there for the experience).

Here are a couple of shots from the day:

Ai Miyazato
Our Pro, Ai Miyazato

BHS Team at the LPGA Pro-Am
Coach Gordon talks to the caddies during the Pro-Am

Mick Seabourne and Ai Miyazato
Mick Seabourne and Ai Miyazato

One of the good things about being the photographer is that there's no evidence of you being there .... but one of the bad things about being the photographer is that there's no evidence of you being there!
I ended up just snapping a few shots during lulls in the game where I'd already given the club to my amateur but he hadn't shot yet (he was shooting in the 4th position, so it gave me a little bit of time).

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