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New DVD writer (finally!)

I finally went out and bought the DVD writer I've been wanting for the past year or so, so I can burn the home movies off of the Digital-8 tapes onto DVDs (as well as archive a bunch of software off of my hard drive - CDs are just TOO small).

I got a LiteOn LDW1633B, which supports 16x on DVD+R, 8x on DVD-R, (along with the other +-RW formats) and also supports the new DVD+R Dual Layer, which gets me up to 8.5GB on a disc. This way I can finally burn off copies of all of the (7,000+) digital pictures I've taken over the past few years, and put a copy in the safety deposit box (and stop worrying about losing a hard drive quite so much).

I've tested it on a few things so far, and it's working as advertised. Burned a copy of Jill and Brad's wedding off of the Digital-8 tape, added an interactive menu and everything. The disc works fine in the regular DVD player, but only sort of fine on the portable (but I'm going to try a DVD+R disc and see if that makes a difference).

I've also burned off a copy of my quicken data files (I lost them once a long time ago, which was a painful lesson both from having to recreate them as well as listening to my lovely wife...) for safe keeping as well. Of course, they weren't big enough for a DVD, but the new burner burns CDs at 48x, so it's a one-shot deal.

I've burned a couple of archival CDs of software that's fairly old (but I don't want to get rid of), and everything is working fine. I'd be comfortable recommending this one to others - it's a nice piece of hardware, and reasonably priced. Regular price $109.00 (I got it on the Deli-Deal at $89.00) at the Computer Deli in Bloomington.

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