December 17th, 2009


Yeesh. I'm glad THAT'S over!

I just submitted my final exam (which was due before 8am this morning) for my 2nd class this semester. First class is already over (I earned an A - yay me!).

They were good classes, and I actually learned things (surprising but true), but I am SO glad this semester is over. Being short staffed at work has really made everything more difficult, and finishing the classes is the first step to reclaiming my life...

Next Monday we get part of the staff back - we're getting an admin 1/2 time, which is substantially better than NO time. He's replacing the admin who left earlier this fall, but the good thing is that he's a re-hire moving back from a branch office (thus the 1/2 time - he still has to support them). That means that I'm not going to have to retrain him from scratch, and that is a very good thing right now.

I'm still very unlikely to get to take the 5 days of vacation I have left - there's not many days left, we're short staffed through the end of the year, and vacation days go bye-bye on the 31st (unless I can get approval to carry them over to January, but that's very unlikely). I might get a couple of half-days, but I won't get to stay home when the kids are finally out of school (they're in until the 23rd).

I'm hoping to start getting to catch up with my personal life this weekend (I'm *way* behind, so it's going to take a while).
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