April 6th, 2009

MacBook Pro

Full MacHeist 3 Bundle unlocked - $981 of software for $39

I was hoping this would happen. All of the applications are unlocked, which means that over $500,000 is being sent to charity.

If you're at all interested (you kind of have to have a Mac, though), please buy through my link here: http://www.macheist.com/bundle/u/270073/

It's the same price for you, but I can get one or two additional applications.


Bundle Contents

Unlocked Applications
iSale $39.95
Picturesque $34.95
SousChef $30.00
World of Goo $20.00
PhoneView $19.95
LittleSnapper $39.00
Acorn $49.95
Kinemac $299.00
WireTap Studio $69.00
BoinxTV $199.00
The Hit List $49.95
Espresso $80.00
Cro-Mag Rally $19.95
Times $30.00