January 18th, 2009


Leavin', on a jet plane...

This morning I'm leaving for Orlando to go to Lotusphere. It doesn't suck living 5 minutes from the airport...

I'm flying AirTran from BMI to MCO, so no worrying about frequent flyer miles or anything...
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It's warm!

Made it safely to Orlando, and it's nice and warm (70*). What a change from last week.
I'm on the "Disney Magical Express" on the way to my hotel. I should be there in the next 30 min or so. Check in, and then I have to head over to Lotusphere registration and my appointment with Research in Motion. Anyone have any feedback about Blackberry devices or servers? This is a customer feedback 1 on 1, and I'd be glad to pass any feedback along.

Plus here in Florida they apparently have skywriting:

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