July 8th, 2008


Social Networking

Does anyone have any available invites to ping.fm that they'd like to send me?

I do have several brightkite invites available if anyone would like to try it. It's location-based social networking (currently, at least dek9 and daddy_guido are playing along with me. One of the nice things about brightkite is that you can elect to share the information with twitter - so you post an update to brightkite and it updates both services.

Of course, ping.fm does the information sharing thing in spades (it lets you post once and it will update any of a NUMBER of services...).

Social Networking Redux

So, I'm currently using the following (to one extent or another):

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So - my question is - What are you using that I'm not currently using, that you think I might be interested in using (or that you think I should be using)?
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