November 21st, 2004



Arggh. Used VNC to remotely check and reboot my main file server at work, and the darn thing decided to blue screen on me with a 0x00000077 error. Apparently this has something to do with a disk volume disappearing on it, but I drove in and rebooted it, and it was fine. One other possibility was BIOS, and it was on a fairly old BIOS rev, so I updated the BIOS.

The bad part is that's three hours of sleep I've missed so far, and I have a project due for my US Geography class Monday morning.


I want a real file server. I didn't have this problem with Novell, and I doubt I'd have this problem with Linux or Solaris - but no, the corporate standard is Windows.

At least they could let me upgrade to W2003 - We're still running W2K with patches...
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