November 12th, 2004


Does anyone still like their job?


After the layoffs, we're down to three 1st level techs (one of whom is only a temp), and I essentially get 2nd and 3rd level (also known as "the buck stops here - only you don't get any more bucks"...)

So, we have one of the techs is on vacation, and one is sick, and the other one is swamped with "really important, gotta have it, get it done now" work.

Wanna guess how many remote users are calling wanting someone to hold their hand and get them all set up on their wireless routers?

I've already got things to do, and I don't have time to deal with hand-holding right now...

We used to have a guy who was specifically assigned to helping the remote users - but we lost him in the layoffs.  Apparently they weren't going to call anymore...  Oh, wait, they still do.

I want to know when we're going to get alcohol rations...
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Wireless is EASY, right?!?

Woohoo!  Let's spend the afternoon troubleshooting wireless connections with the remote sales force.

Of course, in their defense, we didn't hire them for their computer skills...  But it's still difficult.

What I wouldn't give for a live video feed of what they're doing when I tell them to do things...
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Oh, is THAT what it was?!?

Finally figured it out... The remote guy had made changes to the wireless router config to get his personal laptop to work.

If he'd let me know that right away, I would have needed only 15-30 minutes to walk him through getting the laptop connected manually so I could reset the connection info on the router and the laptop, instead of the NEARLY TWO HOURS that I had to spend walking him through all of the troubleshooting tests to try to figure out where it was failing.  I didn't even think to look at the router settings, since we'd just sent the darn thing preconfigured, and there shouldn't have been any problems...

That was a waste of most of my afternoon.  The other three guys are going to have to wait, now - although I did send them all an email (they can still dial-in) giving them the troubleshooting steps, so hopefully at least one or two can figure out where it's broken.

And now, it's MILLER TIME.

No, actually, it's time for something harder.   I think it's time to visit a bar.  Good thing Cindy's dad is down watching the kids  tonight, so we don't have to.
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Alcohol is good!

Ahh, yes.

After several (who knows, I lost count) Captain Morgan's and Cokes, I now feel much better about the day. Of course, it didn't hurt to have my lovely wife with me sipping her trademark fuzzy navels (jeez - does she EVER drink anything else?)...

So the users are clueless, and my clue bat (yes, I have a red one) won't reach that far - it's not the end of the world!

Now all we have to do is get the kids to bed, which apparently is easier said than done on a Friday night when they're all apparently wired. I'm kind of wondering what Grandpa put in those milkshakes, anyway.
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