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Higher Education Part 2


I have finally been formally accepted into the Computer Science program at the University of Illinois - Springfield. This means that I can finally finish out my BS - the program at UIS is completely on-line based, as opposed to finishing my degree at Illinois State, where they have apparently moved to a "have classes on campus between 8am and 2pm" which really eliminates the possibility of anyone with an actual CAREER from finishing up their degree (grr).

So, starting in the fall I'll be working on an actual plan to FINISH my degree, rather than continuing in my "take a class every semester or so and hope it amounts to something some day" approach I've been taking.

The best thing is that I should finish my degree in no more than three years (so, class of 2011) - which means I'll be done BEFORE Ryan goes off to college. Yee ha! It may actually be less, since I already have over 100 (I think it's actually over 110) hours of undergraduate credit - so I may be able to get out early, or at least take a lighter load than I would have to otherwise. I may get to skip some of the electives, anyway.
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