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Security ... ?

So, we finally bit the bullet and bought a security system for the house this evening. It's a newer company (let me know if you're interested in who) who has a wireless system (so the install takes about an hour or so - they're working on it now). Service is only $39/month, which I think is reasonable (and less expensive than some of the competitors). They waived the installation and activation fees since they're trying to get customers in our area. 60 month contract (I had an option for a 36 month), which means the fee won't go up for 5 years (and I really doubt we're going to move any time soon).
The big thing for us was the fire / heat sensor - I'm really more worried about a house fire than a burglary (although you never know - we've had a rash of burglaries in town over the past couple of years). It's nice to know that if the house catches on fire when no-one is home, that the fire department will get notified quickly, and hopefully we wouldn't lose everything.
So, we'll see how it goes. I checked the company out on the internet, and most of the comments were good (there were a couple of bad ones, but the way they were written, I'm thinking that the people didn't read their manual or their contract...).

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