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Wow. I really suck ... (at golf, anyway)

So, tonight was the first night for the company golf league, which I went ahead and joined this year. Actually, tonight was the Peoria handicapping event - which was good, because my best shot was a double-bogey on the ninth hole (after a really sweet drive - I have GOT to work on my short game, and especially my putting). The drives got better throughout the evening (probably because I started to loosen up), but the short game stunk all the way through.
Of course, the GOOD thing is that I'm going to end up with a pretty big handicap (which is probably fair, since I didn't play at ALL last year, and I only played about 3 games the year before, which was the first time I'd ever played).

The other surprise was that I had only previously played on fairly flat courses. This one was really only flat on the tee and the greens - it has a USGA slope rating of 111. "A hilly terrain with a beautiful creek meandering through the course make this a very scenic golf course", from their website. I'm actually proud that the creek only ate ONE of my balls tonight - I lost one in a water hazard (not part of the creek), and the other I lost out of bounds on the left when I tried to rely on my slice (I'd been slicing my drives fairly reliably before that) and it surprised me and went straight... Go figure. After that, the last three holes were actually decent drives.

No clue what my score was - I didn't even want to add it up (15 on a hole, anyone?). Scorecards go back to the league officials for handicapping, but I'm pretty sure mine will be right up there in the "worst this year" category.
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