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Wilbur Williams Memorial - 1936-2007

Yesterday would have been Dad's 71st birthday. I've uploaded a few photos of his recent trips as a memorial (since I'm not that good at eulogies).

You know, the funny thing is, he's always been just "Dad" for pretty much as long as I can remember. Cindy and I dated for a good three and a half years before we were married, so I'm sure he must have been "Wilbur" or "Mr. Williams" for at least some of that time, but I just can't remember it. He and mom were always so inclusive - as soon as Cindy and I were serious I became part of the family, and it's been just *family* ever since.

Anyway, the pictures are here: Wilbur Williams Memorial - this is the Flickr photo set. I'm also posting the thumbnails behind the cut. I may make some changes if I get some time in the future.

This is our favorite picture - Dad finally got to fly out to Seattle to spend some time with his niece (our cousin) Marilyn and her husband Walt this summer - we are SO glad that he got to do this before he left us!
Dad, Marilyn and Walt in Seattle

Another picture from Seattle:
Dad and the Big Burger!

Dad also got to go to Costa Rica with Mom's niece's kids last summer, and he enjoyed every minute of it:
Dad and the bridge
Dad goes for a ride
Dad and the Toucan
Dad in Costa Rica 2
Dad in Costa Rica 1


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