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Visited Locations meme (isn't everyone doing it?)

I remember doing this before, but it seems like it's making the rounds again. Not too terribly bad for a geographer, but it's a good thing I got to travel extensively for work or this would be really pathetic.

I've been to AL and GA (and probably OH) while I was in the Army. Went to the four corners (Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, etc.) and points in between for a driving vacation in 1976 (the only real vacation I had growing up...). Went to New York City for an anniversary trip with Cindy (and walked the south end of Manhattan). I've lived in WI and IL and visited relatives in MO and IN. I've driven to Orlando multiple times, which fits in KY, TN, GA (again) and FL.

Pretty much everything else has been for work (CA, NE, TX, NJ, PA, GA (again and again and again...), NM, and others...

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

And then there's my world travel - all of my non-US travel has been for work. I went to Italy 11+ years ago for an administration conference in Pordenone (really pretty countryside), and visited Venice and the Italian Alps while I was there. I've been to Stockholm, Sweden (and the Arlanda airport, and the country in between) several times for conferences and work, but I always flew the direct flight from Chicago to Arlanda (I don't think American even flies that route anymore, but it was better for me than taking connecting flights that might have delays). Mexico has been just over the border into Juarez to our manufacturing facility.

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands


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