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This week's experiment...

This week I'm trying an experiment. I've wiped out my entire laptop hard drive (with it mostly copied off to a portable hard drive), and I'm going to try moving to Ubuntu linux (7.04) as my main operating system.

The only application that I have to have that isn't directly available is Lotus Notes, and I can run VMWare server and run Windows XP in a VM.

SO, we'll see how it works. So far the wireless is working fine, even with WPA-2/AES, and I've been able to get the Cisco VPN client working (with a patch) so that I can connect to the network at work without any problems.
Unfortunately, when I used VMWare Converter to convert the original Win XP hard drive to a VM, it apparently didn't completely work - Windows thinks it needs to be re-authorized, but then it just locks up - so I'll probably reinstall a new copy (the third option is dual-boot, but that's not as useful).

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