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WWIV BBS (wow - this brings back memories...)

For a very long time (quite some time ago), I was a BBS (Bulletin Board System) SysOp (System Operator), and for much of that time I was one of the elected Zone Coordinators for WWIVLink (the second of the three "big" WWIV networks, with WWIVnet being the first and ICEnet being the third).

My system went down back in 2003, a sad victim of reduced usage, reduced available time (by this point I had two children), and a surge 'doing in' the power supply on the old system (without which it probably would still be running, actually). As part of the massive cleanup this weekend, I just pulled the old system apart. There's not much point in putting a new power supply into the system (I think it was a 486DX2, with probably 640K of RAM), but I pulled out the hard drive and slaved it to an external hard drive adapter. Amazingly enough, it still works, and I was able to pull off all of the old data from the system! It was a whopping 2.5GB Western Digital Caviar, manufactured in 1994, and I had converted it to Windows NT (my system ran originally on OS/2, and before that, DOS off of floppies - really - I was a SysOp for a LONG time).

Anyway, I finally have all the information again, so if I'm lucky I might be able to find a couple of my old friends from way back when and we can reminisce :)

I will say that the WD Caviar was pretty darn loud when I pulled the data off... I had three partitions - a 1.2GB O/S partition (with the Windows NT), and an extended partition with two logical drives, each about 550MB - one for the BBS, and one for the BBS backup. Apparently at the time it was probably state of the art (or pretty darn close to that).

Still, it was an interesting era, and I remember having some very good conversations on the message boards on the various BBSs, especially after I joined WWIVLink and started having networked message boards (the boards were 'replicated' between BBSs - kinda sorta like Fidonet).

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