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Home for old hardware...

Anyone know of a good place to sell / resell / donate (as in to a tax-exempt organization where I'd get a receipt) old computer hardware?

I'm working on cleaning my office out, in preparation for a new desk, and I apparently have been working on a museum. I checked a couple of things on Ebay, but the prices for stuff that's this old are not worth bothering to post them.

Some of the things I have (I'll probably edit this list over the next week - I have a lot of stuff, and I'm hoping to take some time off of work to clean more thoroughly):

Colorado Memory Systems Trakker 250 tape backup system

  • Parallel Port

  • Model JT20CII, manufactured 23 Sep 93!

  • Includes power supply, Parallel interface cable, and a really nice padded nylon carrying case

SyQuest ez-flyer 230MB Removable Cartridge System (removable hard disc cartridge)

  • I think this one is a Parallel port model, but it could be SCSI-I 25-pin, I suppose

  • Part #29003 (circa 1996)

  • Includes power supply and a really nice padded vinyl (leather-like) carrying case

  • I've found two of the 230MB cartridges so far (and it's compatible with the old 135MB cartridges)

SyQuest EZ-135 135MB Removable Cartridge System (removable hard disc cartridge)

  • This one is definitely SCSI-1 (with Amp-50 connectors)

  • Model: EZ135,EXT,SCSI,CSTM Part #S982136-001 (circa 1995)

  • Includes a power supply. No case.

  • Haven't found any cartridges yet

NEC MultiSpin 3Xp Plus CD-ROM Reader

  • SCSI-II, Micro D-50

  • Model CDR-401, manufactured October 1994

  • Includes a power supply, as soon as I figure out which one it is

  • This was the 'cool' model of the time, where you press the OPEN button and the lid lifts up

CenDyne External CD-ROM Reader

  • SCSI-1, Amp-50 - originally for a Macintosh

  • Model: CD|CD 10045

  • Includes power cable (the power supply is internal to the chassis - this thing is fairly big)

Some of the other stuff that may make the list:

  • A Plextor Ultra-Wide SCSI CD-ROM (Internal)

  • An 80MB Apple Macintosh SCSI hard drive (3.5 internal - full height)

  • Maybe a Macintosh IIci (haven't decided if I want to part with it yet)

  • Assorted cables, SCSI adapters, other adapters, etc.

All of this stuff worked the last time I tried it (which in some cases has been a number of years...).

Anyone have any ideas how I can get rid of it, and at least get something out of it?

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