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Spending money on the car

This week's fun expenditure is new tires for the Saturn. I have a 2001 L200, and just crossed over 100,000 miles last week after just under 6 years - I was wondering which part of the warranty would expire first - the time or the mileage, but I made it to the mileage with just over a month to spare :)

At the 99,000 mile service, the dealership let me know that the tires were down to 2/32" and should probably be replaced. This is the third set of OEM tires (Firestone Affinity) that I've had. The first set that came with the car were fairly good - ran well, reasonably quiet, lasted a reasonable amount of time. The second set was not bad, although they ran through the treadwear fairly quickly, resulting in a discount on the third pair. However, this last pair has been a disappointment (and the discount wasn't that big). They've been noisier than I'd like, and they've worn fairly quickly (about 30 - 35,000 miles down to 2/32). They also were losing air a LOT, particularly during the winter - a couple of weekends when it was really cold I'd go out in the morning and one of the two on the driver's side were flat, and I'd have to spend time inflating them to go anywhere - but then I'd fill them up and they would be fine for another couple of weeks. They were less than three years old, which was also irritating.

Anyway - I decided this time to look at a couple of independent tire dealers (I looked at buying them on the internet, but I don't have any desire to install them myself, and they're not really THAT much cheaper). The quote from the dealership was around $400-450 for new OEM tires, so that was my benchmark (I'd probably get another discount based on the last batch, but I'm not even sure what the warranty was supposed to be on those). I looked at a couple of different brands (Uniroyal, Dunlop, BF Goodrich), but I ended up choosing the Michelin Hydroedge. All of the reviews have been very good (although about 1/3 of them say they're noisy, and the other 2/3 say that their not and that the people who think they are don't know what they're talking about), and they're very highly rated. For my size (P195/65R15), they're only about $600 for the four (after the $50 rebate from Michelin, which gets applied at the time of purchase). This includes installation, balance, rotation, nitrogen fill, as well as lifetime balance, rotation every 5,000 miles, and road-hazard coverage for as long as I own the tires. Since they have a 90,000 mile warranty (which may have increased to 95,000 miles - we're waiting on the paperwork), I think that they'll probably last me until I'm ready to trade the car in (of course, first we have to replace Cindy's 1993 Mitsubishi Mirage, which is still running - only for in-town use, but it still runs, and it's paid for!).

So, I'm sitting at the tire dealer waiting for them to finish - shouldn't be long now. I took a late lunch at work to cover it. I decided to go ahead and get a 4-wheel alignment along with the new tires, just to make sure everything is right before I start evaluating the tires. The nice thing about this particular set of Michelins is that they come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if I think they're too noisy or aren't working for me, I can come in and put a different set on. Bonus!

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