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Netware ...

Anyone know of any (even moderately) easy way to migrate from Novell (version 4.11 - don't even ask, because you REALLY don't want to know) to a Windows server? I'm trying to migrate the data from my last Novell box, and it's been several years, and all of my Novell knowledge seems to have seeped away through non-use.


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May. 14th, 2007 09:32 pm (UTC)
You got tons of users, or is this a personal

Personal box means you can just mount the user files
onto your windows box and copy things over when you're done (or back them up to the windows boxen first).

You can do that with a production machine as well but there'd be a lot more data.

If I remember in the morning, and you havent gotten an answer to someone not leaving the building 15 minutes ago, Ill look up the migration stuff we used for going to 2003 a year or so ago. It was mostly painless but we took a good long while looking at it and planning.
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