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Countdown to Duckon!

Back when I made our reservations for Duckon, they were out of double-bed rooms, so I ended up making a reservation for a King Studio (which still would be a pain with two kids).

Just checked tonight to see what was available, and it looks like they either had some cancellations or they opened up another block of rooms! This time I was able to reserve the room with the double beds (which means that I don't have to sleep with either of the kids!). The Holiday Inn reservation system was kind of screwy, though - I was supposed to be able to edit the existing reservation, but the web site puked every time I tried (the dreaded "blank screen", which is arguably worse than an error message). I ended up having to make a new reservation (and making sure it was confirmed), and then cancelling the original reservation.

So, if you didn't get the room you wanted for Duckon, now would be a good time to check again!

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