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Just finished my final for my CSCI 115 class (4 hours of Discrete Mathematics), and I aced the final! That means I aced the course (I had a slim A going into the final).

That means that I can finally apply for my Associates degree (AS), and then transfer that back over to ISU and finally finish up my Bachelor's degree. I haven't been able to make any definitive plans on what I need to do to finish my BS because of the whole "university studies / general education" problem - they changed the rules on me, and the easiest way around it was to transfer my existing gen ed courses out to the community college, finish the rest of the requirements for the AS (or AA, but I didn't want to take chances), and then transfer the AS degree back in to eliminate the need for the GenEd requirement.

Since I won't have the opportunity to get the AS before next Fall (I didn't get the paperwork finished this spring due to some other circumstances), I guess I won't have the final word on what I need to finish at ISU until next Spring - but hey - at least I'm finally on my way!

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