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Does anyone still like their job?


After the layoffs, we're down to three 1st level techs (one of whom is only a temp), and I essentially get 2nd and 3rd level (also known as "the buck stops here - only you don't get any more bucks"...)

So, we have one of the techs is on vacation, and one is sick, and the other one is swamped with "really important, gotta have it, get it done now" work.

Wanna guess how many remote users are calling wanting someone to hold their hand and get them all set up on their wireless routers?

I've already got things to do, and I don't have time to deal with hand-holding right now...

We used to have a guy who was specifically assigned to helping the remote users - but we lost him in the layoffs.  Apparently they weren't going to call anymore...  Oh, wait, they still do.

I want to know when we're going to get alcohol rations...