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Testing ... is this thing on?

I'm testing the ability to post from Shozu.

Posted by ShoZu

Testing new software

So, I have new blogging software (MacJournal) courtesy of the MacHeist nanoBundle 2 (at http://www.macheist.com - only good for 7 days!).

So far, you get five indie software apps for $19.95, with two more being unlocked at 50,000 bundles sold:


Tales of Monkey Island

I’m hoping for the 50,000 mark - Monkey Island looks fun, and I’d really like to try RapidWeaver (although I currently use Sandvox for most of my web authoring).

Damn. Let's run around and try to prevent something that's already happened, so it looks like we're DOING SOMETHING. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

So we're going to piss off the traveling public, who will now cancel any non-critical flights (I'm not flying anywhere until they come to their senses, for work or otherwise). This will (as usual) cause more economic problems.

How in the hell does "keep people in their seats during the last hour" stop someone from blowing up the plane, oh say - WHEN IT'S TAKING OFF? How about randomly in mid-air? Supposedly the PETN that the NW 253 terrorist tried to light would have blown a hole in the side of the plane - but that's only effective when the aircraft is fully pressurized (like in the middle of a long flight - not when it's descending for approach). It would probably also be effective during the stress of takeoff (witness the concorde crash and others). So what are they going to do next, handcuff everyone to the seats before taking off? Provide same-sex chaperones for the lavatories (hope mine is extra thin...).

Plus, what the hell does "disable all communication equipment" have to do with stopping a terrorist attack? Supposedly the NW 253 terrorist was "in a daze", and I didn't see any reports that he tried to contact anyone. So, we have to make things especially uncomfortable for the 99.9999% of OTHER people when there isn't any reason to suspect this as a problem?

Finally, I'm pretty damn sure that a "full pat down, concentrating on the upper legs and torso" is a violation of a person's rights. Unless, of course, we're all getting arrested for being crazy enough to try to fly in the first place. I always thought it was "innocent until proven guilty" and they needed "reasonable cause" to violate someone's rights. I don't think they have "reasonable cause" to pat down every passenger just to make sure they're not bruising someone's feelings or causing someone to feel like they've been profiled. I think there's a big difference between a traffic officer profiling individuals (which has been an valid issue in the past and possibly still today in some jurisdictions) and security agencies profiling classes of individuals based on specific, valid intelligence. Of course, it seems like the security agencies are afraid to apply any intelligence.

So, count me out on commercial flying for the foreseeable future. I think I'll drive, even though driving is statistically more dangerous than flying. At least they haven't figured out a way to strip search me before I get in the car to drive.

Wow. Although the TSA has apparently began to ease some of these restrictions, all they have done is changed "must" to "at the discretion of the flight crew/airline". I still don't think it's going to make much of an actual difference, just like making everyone take off their shoes wouldn't make a difference if someone had a PETN bomb (not detectable by normal means) in their shoe - which they get to put back on after the security checkpoint. Just sayin'

Yeesh. I'm glad THAT'S over!

I just submitted my final exam (which was due before 8am this morning) for my 2nd class this semester. First class is already over (I earned an A - yay me!).

They were good classes, and I actually learned things (surprising but true), but I am SO glad this semester is over. Being short staffed at work has really made everything more difficult, and finishing the classes is the first step to reclaiming my life...

Next Monday we get part of the staff back - we're getting an admin 1/2 time, which is substantially better than NO time. He's replacing the admin who left earlier this fall, but the good thing is that he's a re-hire moving back from a branch office (thus the 1/2 time - he still has to support them). That means that I'm not going to have to retrain him from scratch, and that is a very good thing right now.

I'm still very unlikely to get to take the 5 days of vacation I have left - there's not many days left, we're short staffed through the end of the year, and vacation days go bye-bye on the 31st (unless I can get approval to carry them over to January, but that's very unlikely). I might get a couple of half-days, but I won't get to stay home when the kids are finally out of school (they're in until the 23rd).

I'm hoping to start getting to catch up with my personal life this weekend (I'm *way* behind, so it's going to take a while).
Courtesy of Nathan Fillion (who attended the B&N in Oceanside with Alan Tudyk - curse the expensive plane fare)

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New contest from Anya Bast

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Blue Diablo

[Edit - Bumped the date because it releases tonight :) - Although most bookstores apparently already have it]

I have this pre-ordered and waiting. I really like Ann's style of writing, and I'm curious to see where she goes with the Urban Fantasy genre.

Don't forget to check out the contest on her blog!

I was hoping this would happen. All of the applications are unlocked, which means that over $500,000 is being sent to charity.

If you're at all interested (you kind of have to have a Mac, though), please buy through my link here: http://www.macheist.com/bundle/u/270073/

It's the same price for you, but I can get one or two additional applications.


Bundle Contents

Unlocked Applications
iSale $39.95
Picturesque $34.95
SousChef $30.00
World of Goo $20.00
PhoneView $19.95
LittleSnapper $39.00
Acorn $49.95
Kinemac $299.00
WireTap Studio $69.00
BoinxTV $199.00
The Hit List $49.95
Espresso $80.00
Cro-Mag Rally $19.95
Times $30.00


Mom's in the emergency room

[Edit - 10pm]
Apparently mom's stable, and the tests that they're running are coming back normal. I ended up not driving up since it was no longer an emergency and the weather is going to be very iffy tonight (it's just started sleeting/snowing here, and it's probably worse up there). So, I'm going to wait and see what the cardiologist has to say tomorrow. They're going to run some tests and see if they can figure out what in the heck happened, and what can they do to try to not have it happen again. May have been a potassium imbalance (too high/too low), although it's way to early to speculate yet.

I'm on my way to Aurora. Apparently Mom went into V-Fib earlier this afternoon, and they took her in the ambulance to the hospital. They're working on getting her heart rate down slowly, but it's apparently fairly dicey.

More as events warrant...